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Tools & Tooling

Many specialty tools, fixtures and tooling are required to properly overhaul a Merlin engine. We have a complete tool crib of original Rolls Royce and Packard tooling designed specifically for the Merlin.   

A few of these tools include;  

- Extensive selection of specialized reams, cutters and taps to install new valve seats

- alignment fixture to ream new valve guide tapered bores in cylinder head

- complete valve and valve seat grinding and lapping equipment

- rocker arm pad grinding fixture and inspection jig

- nose case bearing press

- oil pump drive bushing installation and align reaming fixture

  and many others.  

As the service time accumulates on these engines there is an increasing need for installing new oversize bolts and studs on various sub-assemblies. We not only have the oversize studs and bolts in stock, we also have the alignment fixtures, reams and taps for locating and installing the oversize fastener.  

A few of these sets include;

- Reaming fixture and reams to install new nose casting on main case with oversize bolts

- Reaming fixture and tapered reams to install new prop reduction gear on prop shaft with oversize bolts

- Reaming fixtures and reams to install new oversize shoulder bolts in the connecting rods

- reaming fixture and reams to install new oversize cam rack studs in cylinder heads 

These, and numerous other pieces of specialized tooling and component parts are on hand to build your engine the only way it should be done the right way.