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Shop & Machinery

Our engine shop team takes pride in the fact that all machining and grinding operations for restoration of your Merlin engine is performed 100% in-house. We have numerous dedicated machines with specialty fixtures and accessories specifically for overhaul of the Merlin engine. 

From previous experience, outside vendors often run parts through their operation quickly and with sometimes little regard for the rarity and value of these engines. Performing all machining and grinding operations, in addition to inspections in our shop, allows us to control every aspect of the rebuild and ensure a first class restoration.

Upper crankcase line bore                                              Okuma lathe
Cylinder block & head surfacing Rocker arm pad grinding
Crankshaft grinding Valve grinding
Machining cylinder head counterbores                                    Horizontal mill

Camshaft grinding

Cylinder liner hone Peterson head table Hardinge lathe
Cylinder head machining   Brideport CNC mill
Mag particle inspection   Hardinge Horiz. Mill
Dynamic balancing EDM machine Magneto test