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Welcome to 51!

The 51 Factory has been established with the goals of supporting the legendary P51 Mustang, British Spitfire, and other Rolls Royce or Packard Merlin powered aircraft of the WWII era.   

These superb aircraft powered by 1650 cubic inch, over 1500 hp, liquid cooled V-12 engines, represented some of the most advanced technologies of the day, and most certainly greatly contributed to the allied victory, both in the Pacific, and in Europe.  

The fighters developed in WWII are the pinnacle of piston engine, propeller driven aircraft performance.  Even today, the fastest piston engine aircraft in the world are modified WWII fighters with Rolls Royce/Packard Merlin V-12s, as seen at the annual Reno Air Races.  

The 51 Factory has been in business since 2001, manufacturing selected P51 airframe and engine components, and overhaul/restoration of the sensational Merlin engines.

If you own or operate a Merlin powered warbird, or seriously considering ownership, we encourage and welcome a visit to our facility in San Martin, California. 

These aircraft and engines are not just a business, but our passion and is evident in our workmanship which you can experience personally upon a tour of our facility.  

Our goal is to keep the P51 Mustang and other Merlin powered warbirds flying well in to the 21st century!

51 Factory
13545 Sycamore Ave
San Martin, Ca 95046
tel 408-779-4163, 408-683-2531
fax 408-683-2533




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